Photographers helping photographers

We understand the frustration photographers feel when they see their art being used by someone else and not being paid for it.  That frustration is what drives us to help you get paid for the image infringement.

When we find your image being used without your consent, this is when our experience counts.  We start with our in-house resolution team.  If they aren't able to get a recovery we then turn the claim over to our preferred out-side legal team.  They will try and resolve and get a settlement.  If not, we move forward and go to court.  We fight for your rights.  We don't get paid unless you get paid.

Infringement Discovery

You don't think your images are being used without your consent.  But are you sure? How would you find out?
Doing a Google Search for an image or two is fine, but how do you search 100s or 1,000s of images?
Discovery is the first step in finding infringements of your images.

We search the web looking for your images.  When we find a match we will email you the results.  With your approval, we will move forward in collecting  your usage fee for the infringement.

Infringement Recovery

OK, you've discovered your image is being used without your consent or payment, now what?  Do you know how to price the usage fee?  Are you getting the market value of your image? 

This is where our years of experience plays an important factor.  We ask for and get the "REAL" market value of your image based on many factors.  (Size, length of use, type and size of website, etc...)

US Copyright Registration filing help

In order to collect everything you are entitled to if your image is infringed upon you must file to receive a Federal Copyright. Infringement cases can only be heard in Federal court. Getting a Federal copyright is a must.  We will help you understand "published / unpublished" images, how to prepare your images for submission,  and what to expect once you file.